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Come Base Limited

We were found in 1986, with only 5 staff at the beginning. We were doing CMT orders for other factories in Hong Kong at the beginning.

In 1989, we enlarged to a medium size production line in Hong Kong.

In 1991, we set up small factory in China Dongguan, employing around 100-150 workers. We kept expanding to a bigger scale of over 1,000 workers.

Until 1996, the start of economy concession made us to change our plan. We started to scale down the factory's size, and trial to outsource the knitting and linking to our partnership sub-contractors. Meantime, we also set up a new linking subsidiary in Guangxi province, it was in south-western part of China, which it provided a cheaper production cost.

In recent years, we focused in doing fashioned garments, continue and inherited the good workmanship and provide reliable services to our customers. 

Environmentally friendly 

We never used the harmful substances in making the garments. All our partners, for instances, dyeing house, yarn mill, accessories suppliers, meet the standard of customer's testing requirement. Our customers are definitely have full confidant on our garments.    

The team that cares

Our colleagues are experience in producing the sweaters. We develop numerous new styles each season. We love to share our designs and designing concepts with our customers,  


Prospects and new challenge. 

In 2020, under the impact of Covid-19, the worldwide travel has stopped. Be a responsive manufacturer, we assist our customers continually developing new styles and producing garments. To save the costs, we communicate with customers by email, text message and video conference. With our experienced colleagues, we always engage in the design. Through lots of discussions, a good preparation is made to prevent problems incurred in the latter stage. This is our working attitude, never change.



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