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Yarns we use are mainly originated from China and Taiwan. Indeed, "Price" is a key concern by buyers, with the great supporting of the yarn mills, we developed hundreds of new yarn article, with competent yarn price, thus figure out a reasonable garment's price. Besides, "Soft Touch" is our ultimate goal of the production.


100% acrylic yarn is treated with special process to be provided with soft, smooth and flexible touch, very similar to cashmere, and then that is called cashmere like yarn. This is our signature and core yarn in our production.


Price: Competitive


We provide various woolen & worsted yarn in composition of Wool, Acrylic, Nylon, Polyester, Alpaca and Yak for Winter. For Summer, we use Cotton, Linen, Viscose and Acrylic.


Most of our woven & knit fabrics are from the market with numerous patterns, knitting, and colors. Before we promote fabrics to customers, we conduct checking on color fastness, dimentionally stability and also on the quality. This is done to make sure they are up to standard.


Among the 25 years, we produced garments with thousands of fancy yarns. From the beginning originated from Taiwan, then shifting to China production. Indeed we have walking through several trend cycles already. 


Worsted yarn is spun using a long staple fiber that is prepared by combing with dutch combs or a flicker carder, to keep the fibers parallel, and to remove the shorter ones. When spinning, the worsted technique is used, in which, the fiber is first drafted and then twisted using the thumb and forefinger to flatten the loose fibers. This makes a stronger yarn that can be used for hard wearing garments. We produce 9G, 12G & 14G with worsted yarn, likes Merino Wool, Cashwool, Cashmere, Merino Wool blended with Acrylic.


We all know what organic food means, but why does it matter for something that we wear? Well, pesticides affect the entire ecosystem while they are being grown. The pesticides from cotton crops are ingested by local wildlife and get introduced to groundwater, which spreads harm far beyond the boundaries of the field. Cotton accounts for 50% of the world’s fiber needs and is the most pesticide-intensive crop on the planet . So while we don’t eat the cotton, the negative effects of pesticide use are substantial in textiles.


Recycled cashmere is a precious and earth-friendly yarn that is regenerated from industrial surplus of 100% pure cashmere. It is carefully selected and then mechanically transformed into woollen fibers. Then these fibers are blended with pure premium merino wool in a ratio 95-5 and spun again into this premium recycled cashmere.


Synthetic fibers are a subset of the larger area of sweaters. Sweaters can be natural or synthetic. Natural fibers include cotton, fur, wool, etc. Regenerated fibers are natural materials that have been processed into a fiber structure. Regenerated fibers such as cellulose and wood pulp are used to make materials such as rayon and acetate. Synthetic fibers are man made from chemicals. They are generally based on polymers and are stronger than natural and regenerated fibers. 

  • Cashmere Like Acrylic (Regular & Anti-Pilling)

  • Combed Cotton

  • Acrylic / Merino Wool (Machine Washable)

  • Merino Wool

  • Cashwool

  • Cashmere

  • Lambswool

  • Lambswool Nylon

  • Angora Blended

  • Spun Rayon

  • Viscose Nylon

  • Fancy Yarns

  • Organic Cotton

  • Recycled Polyester

  • Recycled Cashmere

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